Spring Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocation Concludes with 4 Baptisms

Thank God for guiding our Spring 2015 Evangelical Service and Spiritual Convocation (ESSC) during April 2-5.  He has delivered four new members to the True Jesus Church.  Pastor Chin from Malaysia delivered a 3-part series of sermons about "Eternal Exploration" for the Evangelical Services, and a 5-part series of sermons about "Visions in Revelations" for the Spiritual Convocation.  All sermons can be found at the TJC San Jose Media Library.  

Thank God!

Spring 2015 ESSC Group Picture

USGA Employment Opportunity

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Enclosed please find “Employment Opportunity” posting and application form for the following position of the General Assembly of the True Jesus Church in the USA:

      USGA Full-Time Ministry Personnel

Please announce this information to the congregation and post for their further reference.

Please note that all applicants must submit an essay stating his/her desire and intent of joining this ministry. Application must be accompanied with a recommendation letter from the Local Church Council of the applicant or from an ordained minister if the applicant has no resident church. The application and the recommendation letter should be sent to usga@tjc.org.

Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.

Yours in Christ,

Nai-Hsin Chen

Administration Dept., USGA

Announcement for USGA Interest-Free Student Loan

Dear Members of True Jesus Church:

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Praise and thank God, pursuant to the resolution (M-5) reached at the 22nd National Church Conference held in Dallas, Texas in 1997, USGA established the USGA Interest-Free Student Loan in year 1999. 

The purpose of this program is to provide timely partial financial assistance toward tuition, fees, and living expenses to our church members who really have financial needs.  Applicants must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States who are or will be attending college or graduate school in the U.S.

Detailed guidelines of the program and an application form are attached herewith.  We would appreciate it if you could do the following at your earliest convenience:

Members who may have financial needs to complete their college or graduate school are welcome to apply for this program.

All the interested college or college-attending members must submit their applications for the 2015-2016 academic year by June 30, 2015.  Any application received after this date will not be considered in this year.

Members who are moved out of love to contribute generously to this fund are welcome to do so that the program may be continued without interruption and more qualified young members can be benefited from this program.  Please indicate “Interest-Free Student Loan Fund” on the check (this program, in its early years, previously was inaccurately called a scholarship).  

Thank you.  May God continue to shower His abundant blessing upon you!



Information for 2015 Youth Theological Training Plan in Respective Countries

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the loving grace of the Lord and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you always! 

Thank God for His grace and guidance. Please inform your local church members about the 2015 Youth Theological Training Plan in Every Country and encourage your youths to join the theological training if they have the chance to attend. Attached you will find the International Assembly of True Jesus Church (IA) letter regarding the Training Plan, which provides more details, as well as the list of youth training programs offered in 2015. The attendees shall follow the application procedure of the respective countries and observe the rules and regulations of the respective youth theological training programs.

May God bless the ministry of you abundantly!

Yours in Christ,

Steve Hwang Director,

Department of Training, USGA

Attachments:   2015 Youth Theological Training Plan in Every Country Contact List

2015 National Youth Servitude Training

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The National Youth Ministry (NYM) is pleased to announce that the 2015 National Youth Servitude Training (NYST) seminar will be held in Baldwin Park Church, California, from 8 am on Friday, May 22 to 12 pm on Monday, May 25, 2015. This seminar is designed to train youths, who are serving in coordination or officer roles either in their local church or in a youth fellowship.

Each local church and house of prayer is encouraged to sponsor and send up to five youth coordinators to attend this seminar. Developing remote regions are also invited to sponsor and send up to two. These include youth fellowship coordinators, campus fellowship coordinators, and others who are training to become youth coordinators in the local church or campus fellowship group.

If any church, house of prayer, or developing remote region has a need to send more than the designated number of youths, feel free to present your request, and we will verify if there is enough capacity at the hosting church to accommodate additional participants.

Please submit the participants’ names and email addresses to the USGA by March 15, 2015The participants will then be informed of the rest of the registration process individually.

All participants are requested to arrive by Thursday evening and to depart after lunch on Monday. For the hosting church’s convenience, we ask participants who are traveling by air to book flights as a group to the Ontario International Airport (ONT) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact the NYM committee at nym@tjc.org.

Please remember the NYST seminar in your prayer. May God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Gien Hung Chen

Director of the Pastoral Department, USGA

Contribution Request from Dallas Church

To:      All Churches and Houses of Prayer 

Re:      Contribution Request from Dallas Church


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May His abundant grace and blessings be with you all!

Thanks the Lord for His abundant blessings, the holy work in Taxes area has prospered in these past years.  The Dallas Church has finally broke ground on September 25, 2014 for its new church location. The size of building is 14,000 sqft. including a dining room, 10 RE classroom, a pastor room, and 10 showers.  Chapel can sit 180 - 200 people.  The completion date of the construction will be in September 2015. 

The total projected cost of completing Dallas church is $2.5M.  They are currently in need of $750K to complete this project. So, they are once again asking for your financial support and prayers.

Enclosed is the contribution request letter from the Dallas Church for your reference.  Pleaseremember the Dallas Church’s needs in your daily prayers and participate in this sacred work by sending or wiring your donations to the Dallas Church.

Thank you very much for your love and prayers. May God remember your generosity and love for His ministry.


Yours in Christ,

Nai-Hsin Chen

Director of Admin Dept.

cc:           USGA Council Members, Regional Coordinators

Ordination Announcement

To:      All Churches & Houses of Prayers

Re:      Ordinations of Deacon Stephen Ku and Pastor Samuel P. Kuo

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Praise and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ.  The USGA is very pleased to announce that after went through all the due process, Brother Stephen Ku of Pacifica Church was ordained as Deacon and Brother Samuel P. Kuo was ordained as a full-time minister of the True Jesus Church in the United States.  The ordination ceremony was conducted on November 8, 2014 at the Pacifica Church.

On behalf of the USGA Council, I am very pleased to announce this joyful ordination, and sincerely request all brothers and sisters in each church and house of prayer to remember Deacon Stephen Ku and Pastor Samuel Kuo in your daily prayer.  May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bestow upon them strength and power throughout their ministries!

Thank you for your prayers.  May God bless you abundantly!

Yours in Christ,

Derren Liang

Chairman of the USGA

National Church Council Meeting Minutes

To:      Delegates of the 39th N.C.C.

            All Full-time Ministers

            USGA Council Members

Re:      Review Meeting Minutes of the 39th National Church Conference, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

According to the resolution of proposal O-13 of the 14th NCC in 1989, the General Assembly is to send a draft of the National Church Conference meeting minutes to the delegates who attended the conference for review and approval.

Enclosed please find the draft of the 39th NCC, 2014 meeting minutes and correction form.  If you have any corrections to the meeting minutes, please complete, sign, and return the correction forms to the General Assembly before January 4, 2015.  If the form is not received by this date, the GA will assume that you have approved the meeting minutes.

May God’s grace, peace, and joy be with you always!

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Ku,

39th N.C.C. Chair

Shawn Chou,

39th N.C.C. Co-Chair

Attachment: Link